Indian Centre for Endometriosis

The Indian Centre for Endometriosis (ICE) is an educational resource about endometriosis, for patients as well as physicians. It serves to spread awareness and destabilise older preconceived notions that have perpetuated through the years.

We endeavour to increase recognition of endometriosis, hoping to bridge the delay between onset of symptoms and clinical diagnosis and expedite treatments so that no girl or woman should suffer the effects of this debilitating disease.   

We offer a multi disciplinary approach to the disease by involving various specialties such as gynecological endoscopy, fertility specialists, colorectal surgeons, pain management specialists as well as pelvic floor physiotherapists.


Our Vision


To inform the medical community, business, media and the public about endometriosis


To create and provide professional, educational programs for women with endometriosis, communities, schools, healthcare professionals, businesses and individuals involved in improving health outcomes for women with endometriosis.


To represent the tens of millions of women and girls throughout India that have endometriosis.


To work with those health professionals who treat the condition and with researchers working to find solutions.


To raise funds for research in India into the causes, treatments and ultimately prevention of endometriosis.

Our Team

Prof. Dr. Prashant Mangeshikar

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