Dr. Abhishek Mangeshikar

Director at The Indian Centre for Endometriosis (ICE)

( MBBS, MS (Obs&Gyn), Dip. MAS, FMIGS Consultant, Gynaecology &Obstetrics )

Dr. Abhishek Mangeshikar is the Endometriosis Excisional Specialist who has actively taken up the cause of spreading awareness about endometriosis through The Indian Centre for Endometriosis (ICE). ICE is a one-stop destination for all the information on endometriosis. It is a knowledge bank about endometriosis providing one with myths and facts on endometriosis, ample research data, whitepapers, key developments in the field of endometriosis in India and around the world, FAQ’s, treatment procedures, etc.

Coming from a family of gynaecologists, Dr. Abhishek’s inclination towards the subject is quite evident. Having trained extensively in laparoscopy in one of the most advanced centres for Gynaecologic Endoscopy, Dr. Abhishek has worked in private practice for a year, alongside his father, Dr. Prashant Mangeshikar, after which he underwent a two-year fellowship in minimally invasive gynaecology from Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taiwan. He has performed more than 250 surgeries including traditional laparoscopy, robotic surgery, single port surgery and NOTES (Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery). Dr. Abhishek has been teaching laparoscopic gynaecology and is currently a faculty at CEMAST Mumbai, The Kiel School in Germany. He has also been recently appointed to the Board of the Asia Pacific Association for Gynaecologic Endoscopy (APAGE) and will be course convener for their courses run in India. Dr. Abhishek has also been faculty at various international workshops including IRCAD in Taiwan, ALEXEA, Alexandria and Foshan, China.

Dr. Abhishek firmly believes that it is important that Indian women are aware about endometriosis and its symptoms. Lack of awareness, prompt diagnosis and incorrect method of treatment are the key challenges in India. Through ICE, Dr. Abhishek aims to not only spread enough knowledge about the disease but also to bring the relevant communities and stakeholders together to create a revolution in the field of endometriosis. His vision is to initiate a synchronized effort between the stakeholders, facilitating a quick diagnosis and precise treatment for the disease.

Some information on Endometriosis

  • Endometriosis is an abnormal growth of tissues outside uterine lining. The cause of endometriosis is unknown. The common symptoms are intense pelvic pain, infertility, long menstrual cycles, nausea or vomiting
  • As per Endometriosis Society of India, about 25 million women in the country suffer from endometriosis and this number is increasing every year
  • An estimated 176 million women suffer from endometriosis worldwide, as per Endometriosis Foundation of America
  • A key reason why women should be aware of endometriosis is because the disease is quite common and not rare
  • Endometriosis affects girls and women of reproductive age and it can attach to any organ associated with reproduction
  • Endometriosis affects more women than breast cancer. Many have not heard of it and the disease has not got the attention it deserves typically because it is not terminal
  • In India, women do not generally get the support from family or friends. Many girls have claimed that when they complain of excessive pain during periods, it is mistaken to be normal and they are asked to be stronger.
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